Watch Us Transform a backyard via drone

Imagine turning an abandoned and underutilized backyard into a stunning multipurpose haven. This is exactly what we working on at ProBuilder. Here is a photo (thanks to our drone) of our upcoming project where we are transforming this unused back yard into a multipurpose area consisting of a stand alone pod with office, bathroom, outdoor kitchenette, storeroom and a 10 seater spa! 

Throughout the project’s timeline, we are excited to share our progress with you through captivating weekly drone shots. These aerial views will allow you to witness the evolution of the backyard, capturing every step of the journey, from the initial clearing of the space to the final touches that bring our vision to life.

To start off the project, we are about to meticulously slash the block, granting our expert surveyors the opportunity to mark the boundary corners with an unwavering precision. This often-neglected requirement holds paramount importance, especially in older suburbs where fence lines may fail to indicate the true boundary. Our Director Jim has heard his fair share of horror stories where builders have bypassed this important fact finding exercise!  

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