Deck repair ProBuilder

The ProBuilder Repairs team are on our 7th deck repair this year thanks to poorly built decks. Most of the decks are less than 10 years old! 

On all of these, the waterproofing membrane has failed, and all of these failures are because the builder has carried out his own waterproofing rather than having a licensed contractor do the job properly. 

For a trade that charges $40m2 to give a lifetime of protection to your home I’m dumbfounded as to why a builder would skimp on this and do their own. 

Waterproofing makes up approximately 1% of our national construction industry and yet is responsible for 80% of failures and rectification. 

This deck, where the builders licence was cancelled, shows the screws that hold the sheeting down all but rusted through. Further structural degradation was prevented as a moisture barrier was placed on top of the floor joists.

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