The value of great design

This architect designed home entry is not only striking but will stand the test of time in terms of design, energy efficiency and function.

I might be biased but these pictures speak a thousand words.  These photos show a one off entry design that is not only striking but will stand the test of time.

This detailed and beautiful entry was over 18 months in the making.  From the initial sketch design through to working drawings was relatively straightforward for my architect.  Then I had to work out how to build it, what materials to use and then consult with my engineer.

I thought about this entry over many months while the rest of the project progressed.  Lots of meetings with suppliers, my architect and sub-trades occurred and finally my team and I put it all together.

This photo is just a section of the design and my favourite view. The pergola cantilevers a long way yet has not moved a centimetre.  Above it is a hidden roof and box gutter that keep the entry dry.  The full glass above and below the pergola have 2 wind beams built into them.  The glass is energy efficient, the door at over 3 metres high is a work of art in itself and pivots with the push of a finger.  6 metre ceilings welcome you into this property and the plaster nooks help blend the existing 42 year old house on the other side to this new modern entry.

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