Probuilder systems, processes & site safety

At ProBuilder, we are proud of the systems and processes that we have in place to help streamline our operations and to ensure that we deliver consistent, high quality workmanship. We also have clear communication channels in place. We provide regular updates on project progress, milestones, and any potential challenges that could arise. Our robust systems and processes also prioritise site safety. We have established safety protocols and enforce strict adherence to safety standards.

Which is why we are super proud of our team, who are currently working on a project in a beautiful estate surrounded by many beautifully maintained properties. Having a builder come to your street can be stressful, particularly with up to 12 trades on site at any one time, heavy earth moving equipment, large truck deliveries and all of this in a dead end cul-de-sac. You will see in the following photos evidence of our systems for such a site – Rose, our Client Services Manager writing to all neighbours, explaining what we are doing and noting her contact number, just in case. Then there is the accurate set-out and support of our steel frame, which is exactly where it should be in height and position, not an easy task but vitally important.

We carry out a ”Before You Dig” Survey on the property; which alerts us to underground infrastructure. Knowing the approximate position is not good enough when digging over live wires, so we use a system called ‘Pot Hole Digging’ where we carefully uncover the services by hand before the machinery starts. Then there is the supervising person keeping an eye on the machinery which can be dangerous if you are within reach.

Lastly our heavy machinery operator placing his witches hats on a blind corner alerting any approaching traffic to what is approaching. Note the excess spoil contained with a sediment blanket – should it rain we ensure that our site does not drain to the curb and nearby waterways. Great work team!

At ProBuilder, Jim is very selective about taking on new projects as this ensures that all clients receive complete focus and dedication.  The ProBuilder team also choose to work with people who value outstanding levels of quality workmanship, personalised attention, and exceptional levels of communication. To find out more click here.

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