ProBuilder Hygiene Guidelines 2020 for Staff & Contractors

We appreciate the uncertainty around COVID-19 and would like to share the practises we have implemented and ask that you abide by:

Upon Entry to the Site


  • Upon arrival all staff and contractors will have access to and MUST wash hands with soap/hand sanitiser etc. Personal hygiene packs are provided.
  • All areas which are consistently handled (gate handles, doorknobs, tapware, toilet buttons etc) will be sprayed and wiped down (Hygiene wipes etc are provided) before work commences and after each use.
  • Where possible, doors are to remain open to minimise contact throughout the workday.
  • All persons on site shall remain minimum of 2m apart.
  • All staff and contractors shall use their OWN tools etc where possible. Any tools / equipment which are shared (eg nail gun, broom etc) will be wiped before and after use.

At the Conclusion of the Work Day


  • The on-site manager will ensure the site (all touched surfaces) are again wiped down for clients / tenants.


The ProBuilder Team


  • NO staff or contractor will turn up to site if feeling unwell.
  • The ProBuilder crew are now divided into 3 smaller teams. These 3 teams will have no contact in person, on the same site or elsewhere until the government gives the all clear. If one team requires self-isolation as a precaution, or worse, an infection, then the other teams can take up the slack.  Team A Steffen, Jordan & Nelson: Team B Matt & George: Team C – Jim
  • The team are updated with COVID-19 information as required.
  • Jim, our director is no longer onsite at all. All meetings and information required by Jim are done via video call so that IF a Probuilder team member becomes unwell and is put into isolation, Jim can easily step in and keep the job rolling.

ProBuilder Teams