Are There Costly Traps To Bathroom Renovations?

Bathrooms are one of the primary rooms to renovate in a home and across our 30+  year history, the team at Probuilder have renovated a lot of bathrooms!  When it comes to renovating bathrooms many homeowners and builders find themselves with costly traps that they were unaware of before starting the build. 

At Probuilder we thoroughly investigate before pricing new projects so that there are no costly surprises at the end.

For example, the photo on the right shows a number of issues in this old home that we discovered before starting the project. 

  1. The drainage system is so old it is made of cast iron and can present a challenge with new PVC pipe.
  2. The original galvanized pipework is still in place and this will be slowly blocking internally with rust – with the modern shower and basin mixers we use they have ceramic discs inside & this rust eventually makes its way into the disk which can result in costly callouts.
  3. The water pipes have been upgraded in places however we need to improve the way they have been fitted.
  4. Some of the old hot water pipes are covered in a lagging. This lagging can be a type of friable asbestos which is easily disturbed and very hard to contain**

**When it comes to potential hazards that can endanger the homeowner and our team we halt work and have our professional asbestos management team take samples and send them off to the lab for analysis. 

If you choose Probuilder to work on your next bathroom renovation, like many of our clients who are based in Hamilton, Clayfield & Ascot area, you can be assured that you will receive a meticulous quote, your expectations will be met, there will be no budget blowouts, and the workmanship will be completed to the highest standards.

To find out more and to complete our questionnaire, which has been designed to help us understand how we maybe able to help you, click here.

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