At probuilder we never shy away from a challenge.

Projects that push our builders out of their comfort zones, require them to expand their knowledge and skills. Taking on difficult tasks can foster professional development and personal growth, as we strive to overcome obstacles and learn new techniques or approaches. Which is one of the reasons why we love to take on a challenge, when other builder’s wont.

Here you will see a pool where the long edge is also the boundary of the property. This is quite rare in pools and the main downside is there is no access along this edge of the pool in terms of safety. Our clients have young children learning to swim so we needed to come up with a grab rail along this area of the pool. You can’t buy anything off the rack for such, so we met with our talented steel fabricator and came up with this design.

We had a limited area to connect this to the pool shell so a curved support bracket was designed. Our next challenge was how to install it. We could empty 40,000L of water down the drain, install the bracket then spend 3 days refilling the pool to then have to run the filter for 72hrs plus a large does of salt and chemicals OR we could ask for volunteers to brave our winter and jump in the pool – which our very talented Josh did for us. Using battery operated tools, having a lookout and various other safety measures we successfully completed this project. We also had to create an earth for protection from electric shocks. Through the poolside slab we chased an earth wire back to an earthing point and then used a marine industry style earthing strap to connect to the new rail.

At ProBuilder we never shy away from the 3 D’s the dirty, dangerous & difficult & now have another feather in our cap after this challenging project. If you have a project that other builder’s have said ‘no’ to, click here to get in contact with our ProBuilder team.

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