Beach house corrosion

Coastal corrosion ~ Poor design & product selection can be costly.

This photo highlights the rust & corrosion a modern coastal beach house is experiencing as a result of the wrong products being used and design issues allowing water to track up the ceiling then flow inside the structure.

There are 4 main areas to adhere to when building near the coast line

1.Choose Environmentally Compatible Building Materials

2.Minimise Corrosion

3.Minimise Water Damage

4.Design the ‘Right’ Alfresco Environment.

All of the above have been ignored on this project and as a result the owners are facing a very expensive repair bill. Often the telltale signs appear early and are ignored but there is nothing to gain by letting these sit and fester.

If you notice any signs of the weather impacting your property act now and at least find out what is happening and why and put a plan in place to rectify this and protect one of your most valued assets.

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