Building in testing times- the ProBuilder team

Building in testing times

Building in testing times ~ In the current building boom, price rises in materials and sub-trades costs are putting builders are under pressure. This is due to funds being diverted away from travel, along with the government assistance provided in 2020,

At ProBuilder we are very lucky to have long and faithful relationships with our sub-trades and suppliers. Most have been in the industry for some time and like us realise the ups and downs that occur throughout the cycles.

After 32 years trading, and as the area’s longest serving builder, we have seen many booms and busts. These both can make trading conditions difficult. One of the check measures we have in place with our sub-trades is we ask of them 3 things.

1. That safety is paramount,

2. That they do a good job,

3. and at a fair price.

We keep a close eye on all of our budgetary items and in general do not have a problem with greedy, excessive and unprofessional price hikes. Occasionally the odd one will happen and that is to be expected. That trade or supplier is quickly replaced. However for the vast majority, we do not have a problem. Having such professionals in place means that our sites are happy & harmonious. This is reflected so many times through our clients post completion reviews.

Some examples of our experienced sub-trades – Our cabinetmaker is approaching 21,500 kitchens, our pool builder 1760 pools & our waterproofer 4200 bathrooms and 20,000+ wet areas!

In testing times you are in good hands with ProBuilder! 

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