Dangerous wiring in your home

Do you have dangerous wiring in your home?

I recently witnessed a colleague’s home burn to the ground due to faulty wiring. At ProBuilder Repairs are always on the lookout for potential traps when working in our clients homes.

This week alone, we have come across 2 incidences of the old fashioned style of rubber wiring in clients’ homes. This type of wiring has been outlawed and needs to be replaced.

In this photo you can see what this rubber wiring looks like. What happens is the rubber breaks down and crumbles over time and this can result in the wiring becoming exposed and thus creating a fire risk.

This property had had some recent upgrades by another electrician. Not only did he not report the findings to the owner, but he also drilled through what is clearly an asbestos ceiling. For this upgrade we have brought in our asbestos demolition team to safely remove the asbestos. We will also be conducting a full audit on the wiring after this finding.

ProBuilder Repairs – fixing one poorly built property at a time. 

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