Lighting choices

Often lighting is given little thought or attention & yet it can be make a massive impact on how a project not only looks but functions too.  Too much light can be as big a problem as too little.

Questions to be considered are –

How are you going to use the room and has the lighting been set up to suit this or have down lights simply been placed in each corner of the room?

Do you read paper books or on an electronic device when in your favourite chair or in bed?

Is that fan placed in the middle of the room going to cause strobing issues with the nearby spotlights?

These and lots more questions need to be answered to help you get your lighting layout and selection correct for your new project. Our architects offer advice and layouts on this as well as our preferred lighting supply company who will take the time to visit you in your home and help make the correct choice in fittings and layout.

This photo shows a very well thought out and specified lighting creation. The small recessed down lights in the pergola come from a North Qld designer and the beautiful hanging pendant lamp Minomushi, comes from renown Japanese designer Issey Miyake. His creations are made using 2 or 3D mathematic principals, where light and shade harmoniously alternate. The combination works really well to make this entry very welcoming!

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