Mindmaps and planning

Mind maps & planning – It is imperative in running a successful building business that the builder be organised.

What tasks can be performed at the same time and what tasks require a current task to be completed before that new task can commence? Sub-trade and material availability? – do these work in the projected time frame or is the sub-trade booked up or the tiles not in the country?

When is the project going to be completed and what is that date that will be used in the contract for Practical Completion? How crucial is this to the owners that the project be completed when they thought it was supposed to be? Have they moved out and are renting waiting to move back in? Do they have a baby on the way?

There is so much involved before a sod of soil is turned on a new project. Massive delays, disappointed clients and financial losses for the builder are a result of poor planning. Does this sound familiar from friends and colleagues who have built before?

What works very well for my clients and I is an initial snapshot of what the upcoming project looks like and what is involved at a glance. The Mind Map featured above is an example of this. It enables future detailed programming so that the whole project is scheduled and sub-trades and suppliers are aware of what is required and when.

Next post I’ll feature the next stage in planning which is a live Gantt Chart to which the clients has access along with key personnel involved in the project.

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