Modern technology and probuilder

Modern technology making probuilder jobs safer, easier and more cost effective

Modern technology is making ProBuilder jobs safer, easier and more cost effective.

This photo shows future carpenter Jamie carrying out a drone inspection on a very high roof. In the old days we would have had a scaffold built to get to such an area just to be able to conduct our investigations. Now via drone technology we are able to quickly and safely have a close up look at the property. We can record the footage and view it from our PC. We can then determine what must be done next.

On one of the bigger properties we look after we previously have required 2 very long ladders and 3 men just to get to the roof. Now we can quickly inspect it for routine maintenance using this drone. Moisture meters, infrared temperature sensors and digital borescope cameras also make our job so much easier and safer. This makes things more cost effective for the client. Modern equipment also increases the accuracy of investigative work. 

We are pleased to be able to utilise technology on our jobs in ways that see those benefits of convenience and savings passed on to our clients.

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