we take pride in our workmanship

At ProBuilder we are a big believer in taking pride in what you do no matter what your vocation in life. Whether its the earthmoving operator who presents a smooth, rubble free site only to know that its soon to be covered in concrete or as per these photos showcasing our very neat water proofers, whose works will be covered by tiles in a week. What comes ‘hand in hand’ with this pride is someone who knows their trade and cares and that’s that type of person we want on our sites and in our clients homes.

An interesting side note to these photos is the fact that we knew the deck had failed re waterproofing; but until we go through and remove the tiles and glue we really don’t know where exactly and what the cause was. Turns out on this deck the builder neglected to waterproof the floor which resulted in water ingress into the sub-floor and subsequent damage. Another worrying fact uncovered was that the balustrading was screwed into an 18mm piece of fibre cement sheeting and not into a secured framing member as should have. One serious shunt and a tragic accident could have followed. These issues are all too common in modern day building and they don’t need to happen if everyone does their trade and they are overseen by a builder who cares. Waterproofing makes up approximately 1% of the national construction landscape yet is responsible for 80%+ of rectification.

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