Pool Revival

Today, we’ll share a project that transformed a poorly designed pool that was a challenge to use and maintain into a summer ready space for fun and entertaining.

Our clients home was the perfect tropical setting to spend time with family and friends by the pool on summer days or enjoy a few quiet moments in the sun after a refreshing swim.

Unfortunately, due to a poor design their pool was rarely used. The pool fence was too close to the pool and did not allow space to comfortably move about. This not only made it difficult to use and enjoy, but also presented challenges for cleaning & maintenance.

Our team needed to create a functional and inviting space, that complements the beautiful gardens and retains the established trees around the existing set up.

The first step was to remove the fence and get to work.

Fast forward to the completed pool revival – Our clients can enter the expansive pool area and spend time on the new deck. 

The existing patio has been levelled off and tiled to blend in with the new pool deck. Seamless glass now forms the pool fence. The plants we removed and stored have survived and will compliment this area by the end of summer. You’ll see we maintained a palm in the pool area, building the deck around it and this acts as an umbrella for some time in the shade.

We have done extensive research in finding the best natural timber oils and coatings to use in such areas. This is a mind field out there and so many fail and look terrible after 12months. They do need to be maintained in our harsh climate but this Sikkens stain and top coating is the perfect match for this deck.

A very rewarding transformation for the ProBuilder team!

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