About This Project

Thinking about a granny flat? Look no further! We’ve got the perfect solution for you at ProBuilder. Our latest creation isn’t just a house; it’s a haven of comfort, practicality, and modern design. Welcome to a two-bedroom, two-bathroom granny flat that redefines user-friendly living.


Experience the ProBuilder Touch


We, at ProBuilder, are known for our craftsmanship and innovation. We’re introducing a granny flat that effortlessly combines functionality with elegance. This simple yet sophisticated design reflects our commitment to creating spaces that are not just houses but homes.


Perfectly Balanced – Two Bedrooms, Two Bathrooms


One standout feature of this granny flat is its thoughtful layout. With two spacious bedrooms and two well-appointed bathrooms, it strikes the perfect balance between personal space and shared areas. Whether you’re accommodating family, guests, or looking for extra space for yourself, we ensure that every square foot is optimised for comfort. 

  • Large master bedroom
  • The strategically positioned high window allows the central area to be bright and inviting.


Age-Care Friendly: A Home for All Seasons


We understand the importance of creating homes that cater to every stage of life. Our granny flat is designed to be age-care friendly, ensuring that it can adapt to changing needs over time. From wider doorways to easily accessible bathrooms, every detail has been considered to make daily living more convenient and comfortable.

  • Wheelchair friendly bathroom


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