About This Project

At ProBuilder, we are passionate about turning your dreams into reality, one project at a time. We recently completed an exciting transformation that perfectly exemplifies our commitment to creating functional and beautiful outdoor spaces. Our client had a very underutilised area between the pool and the side boundary. The small tiled pool deck was not big enough to sit around  and the  lawn space was also not usable space and was struggling to withstand the playful antics of their dogs. The challenge was clear: design and build a space that would enhance the beauty and functionality of their outdoor area. We are thrilled to share the story of this transformation and the scope of work involved.

Client’s Dilemma

Our client had a problem that many homeowners can relate to. They had a pool, a small deck area, and a grassy patch between the pool and the boundary. The tiled pool deck was too cramped for relaxation, and the grass areas was a useless space and constantly being torn up by their dogs. The result was a less-than-ideal outdoor space that was far from inviting.

Our Solution

Our solution was to eliminate the grass area between the pool and the fence and transform it into a spacious and elegant deck. To address the dog-induced lawn woes, we replaced the natural grass with high-quality artificial turf, ensuring a lush, green, and mud-free landscape. Additionally, we expanded the pool deck to create a more versatile and comfortable entertainment space. The outcome was a stunning, multifunctional area where our clients could now relax, entertain, and enjoy their pool to the fullest.

Scope of Work

Design and Planning
  • Consultation with the client to understand their vision and requirements.
  • Collaborative design process to create a deck layout that maximizes space and functionality.
  • Selection of durable and aesthetically pleasing materials for the deck (including the gorgeous outdoor furniture and umbrella from Outdoor Furniture Co)
Grass Replacement
  • Removal of the existing natural grass and proper disposal.
  • Installation of premium artificial turf from Ecovia Turf, ensuring a level and well-drained surface.
  • Securing the artificial turf to prevent shifting
Deck Expansion
  • Demolition of the existing small deck, including proper disposal of materials.
  • Construction of an extended deck area with a slip-resistant surface, allowing space for outdoor furniture and seating.

The result of this transformation is an outdoor oasis that perfectly marries form and function. Our clients now have a spacious and inviting deck surrounding their pool, complete with ample seating and a generous shade umbrella. The artificial grass at the front remains evergreen and clean, providing a low-maintenance alternative to natural grass. The transformation has not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of their property but also significantly improved their outdoor lifestyle, making it the perfect setting for entertaining and relaxation.

The clients are thrilled with the new area stating, The back yard looks so much bigger now, it has turned “a pool” into an inviting and very usable space and added significant value to our home. The dogs absolutely love lying and playing on the synthetic grass too!

At ProBuilder, we take pride in creating solutions that address our clients’ unique needs and challenges.