About This Project

Schooner Crescent – Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation

Although this 30-year-old family home had been very well built, it was starting to look tired and dated, and was in desperate need of a refresh. After living in the house for so long, this busy family knew what they wanted and supplied us with a very good vision board, which is very much appreciated as it can make our lives easier and can allow our in-house cabinetry and interiors team to showcase what is available in the Australia market.


For this renovation, beautiful solid timber floors were added, as they are known for their exceptional durability, and with proper care and maintenance, can last for decades. The warmth that natural timber adds is unlike any other material.


We reconfigured pokey room entrances and removed walls that were in your face in the living areas. The dark brick, slate floors and old-style lighting sucked the life out of the property – along with too many enclosed living areas. Most renovations and newly built homes will have open living areas, as they promote social interaction and connectivity among family members and guests. The openness can also create a sense of expansiveness, making the area feel larger and more welcoming.


Overall, the full scope for this renovation was new front & rear doors, reconfigured floor plan, enlarge the bedrooms, new ensuite & bathroom, toilet, and kitchen. Changing some openings around to the external paths to suit the layout is technical but we have done this for a long time and have a proven system so that the new openings look like they have always been there. As well as, new lighting, AC upgrade, reinsulate the roof space and new floors.


This property had very good bones and was so well built that all that it needed work on was the interiors.