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ProBuilder Kitchen ~ Our cabinetmaker to the rescue

There are so many horror stories surrounding new kitchens which simply should not occur. Salesmen with flash 3D laptop views of your new kitchen and the WOW factor and all of the promises only to find your new kitchen is then delivered to your front lawn & 3rd party installer turns up to install it at a reduced rate to what he would be happy with. The result is in the finish of the install which more than often is poor! 

I received a recent call for help where the clients cabinetmaker did not have the ability to complete the integrated dishwasher face. He could not work out how to install the kick board to suit. I offered to help and took this to my cabinetmaker who sketched up for me re how to build and install this detail. The clients then handed that to their cabinetmaker to complete. 

Unbelievable that this can happen. While on site I noticed that the laminate bulkheads had been attached via a nail gun and the holes no-more-gapped up. Extremely poor workmanship on an overpriced kitchen that further gives the industry a bad name. 

On another the recently installed bookshelves are all sagging under the weight of a few books and coming away from the wall. Again I have offered to help after the cabinetmaker has returned 5 times to no avail. 

My cabinetmaker is approaching some 23,000 kitchens and I can guarantee we will get it right and the first time.

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