ProBuilder Operations Update- our team structure during COVID 19

Team ProBuilder remain healthy and working at full capacity.

We have adopted all of the government guidelines and are going above and beyond in ensuring our clients remain our priority by maintaining safe and hygienic work sites.

On top of this we have divided into 3 teams A,B & a further backup C.  These 3 teams will have no contact in person, on the same site or elsewhere until the government gives the all clear.  So if a team requires self isolation as a precaution, or worse, an infection, then the other teams can take up the slack.  We have basically always operated in smaller teams however now we have a definite nil crossover between staff.

Team A- Steffen, Jordan & Nelson.

Team B- Matt & George.

Team C- yours truly (yes I actually do get on the tools and have a fully provisioned truck ready to go).

I have arrangements in place with a locally based carpentry labour hire firm that I use throughout the year so are able to scale at a moment’s notice.

We are hoping with our private social isolation, our workplace distancing and hygienic practices that all of this will be futile and not be required, however, it is comforting knowing that a plan is in place and that our commitment in these times remains steadfast to our current clients and those projects coming online in the near future.

Laura & Rose remain behind the scenes keeping everything running smoothly.

ProBuilder, a truly professional modern day building company!

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