Protecting your home from water and termite damage

There are good and bad operators in all trades but this air conditioning contractor is causing plenty of expensive building related headaches with their sloppy workmanship.

Apart from being aesthetically very unappealing, the penetrations shown here are not sealed above ground level. This creates entry points for vermin into the wall cavity.  The isolator points have been moved up higher and to achieve this, large cutouts have been made into the weatherboard.

Below ground, the feed into the ground floor unit has allowed water to seep into the building creating a perfect entry point for termites (being moist and underground).  The old pipes have been cut off and still penetrate through the retaining wall underground causing water ingress and opportunities for termite entry as well.

The ProBuilder Repairs team can help you maintain your most valuable asset by rectifying issues that are putting your home at risk of water and termite damage.

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