Provision for Wild Weather: Ensuring Your Home Stays Dry

Our roof systems are meticulously designed to withstand the regular rainfall patterns of a specific locality, with an additional margin for more severe weather events. However, in the face of unprecedented and intense rain, ensuring that water is effectively managed becomes crucial. The last thing anyone wants is for rainwater to find its way back into their homes.

Traditional Gutter Systems

Often come equipped with overflow slots in the face, and their design ensures that the back of the gutter is higher than the front. This simple yet effective mechanism allows excess water to overflow externally when the gutters reach their capacity.

Box Gutter Systems

On the other hand, box gutters, situated between two roofs, present a more complex challenge. Typically, water exits at one end or collects in a central point. However, during extreme rainfall, if provision hasn’t been made for efficient water release when the downpipe is overwhelmed, the consequences can be dire. In such cases, water may find its way into your home, causing damage and inconvenience.

One Effective Solution

To mitigate this risk, one effective solution is the incorporation of an emergency overflow system into an external rainwater head. These overflow mechanisms act as a safety net, ensuring that excess water is directed away from your home during periods of heavy rainfall.

The attached photos vividly illustrate the effectiveness of an emergency overflow in action. However, it’s essential to note that these systems require regular maintenance to function optimally. Neglecting periodic checks and maintenance can compromise the reliability of these emergency overflows, defeating their purpose.

Wet and Wild Summer

As we navigate through a particularly wet and wild summer, it’s prudent to assess how well your property is equipped to handle such conditions. The talented ProBuilder team is here to assist you in ensuring that your home remains a safe and dry haven.

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How is your place handling this very wet and wild summer?



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