Q&A with Jamie McIntyre – Embracing the Legacy of ProBuilder

In the heart of every successful family business lies a legacy built on dedication, passion, and a commitment to excellence. ProBuilder, a renowned construction company, is no exception. Today, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Jamie McIntyre, the third generation of builders in the McIntyre family and a rising star within the ProBuilder team.

Let’s take a closer look at Jamie’s experiences at ProBuilder, his aspirations, and the traditions he’s proud to carry forward.

Q: What do you like about working for ProBuilder?

A: One of my favorite parts of working for ProBuilder is the collaborative environment. I love how everyone on the team works together and supports each other.

Q: What is your favorite part of carpentry?

A: My favorite thing about carpentry is the variety. I enjoy how many different things there are to do at each job and all the things I can learn.

Q: Has dad inspired you?

A: Definitely. If he hadn’t introduced me to carpentry, I wouldn’t be where I am today. We have built a number of things together over the years and it such a thrill to turn a piece of timber into something useful!

Q: Tell us about your apprenticeship?

A: So I started my apprenticeship as a school based apprentice. When I was in Year 11, I was able to do 2 days a week working at ProBuilder but in year 12 the timetable has only allowed me to have 1 day a week at ProBuilder. I will finish my apprenticeship when I’m 21.


Jamie’s journey in the world of construction began at a remarkably young age. In snapshots shared with us, we see Jamie at just six months old, already showing a keen interest in ProBuilder’s work. As he advanced through his early years, attending school, his passion for the building industry only grew stronger. By the time he was in his first year of school, Jamie had made up his mind: the building industry was his calling.

Today, Jamie stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the McIntyre family within ProBuilder. With each hammer strike and every meticulously crafted joint, he honors the craftsmanship and expertise passed down through three generations. Currently, Jamie is a school-based apprentice with ProBuilder, learning the ropes under the guidance of seasoned professionals while eagerly anticipating the day he’ll step into his role as a fully-fledged builder.

In the bustling world of construction, where each nail driven and beam laid shapes the landscape around us, Jamie McIntyre stands ready to leave his mark—a testament to the enduring legacy of ProBuilder and the McIntyre family.



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