a good deck can be a valuable addition to your property

If you are planning on building or renovating, having a good deck can be a valuable addition to your property. Not only can it increase living space, enhance aesthetic appeal, and improve property value, it can also increase enjoyment of outdoor living. When building a deck it’s important that there are no shortcuts, particularly with waterproofing membranes, incorrect detailing and sloppy workmanship. A good deck needs to be strong in order to provide stability and safety, as well as being durable and long-lasting, requiring minimal maintenance or repairs.

A failed deck can be a time-consuming and costly process, and in many cases, a complete renovation may be necessary. Unfortunately, at ProBuilder we are seeing more defective work than ever in deck repairs. Removal of the tiles and any membrane that is in place back to a clean substrate. To do these correctly it is essential to have the right equipment which is why ProBuilder has invested a significant amount of money into having this available for our repairs. This photo shows a type of grinder that rips through tile glues, membranes of any sort and then finally produce a clean substrate to then do the job properly. On top of machinery such as this we have a number of dust extractors, separators, demolition equipment both light and heavy duty along with endoscope cameras, moisture meters and drones for those initial inspections when access is an issue.

To find out more about how the ProBuilder team are repairing Brisbane one house at a time or to find out how we can help you and your deck, click here.

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