Rescuing a Rusty Dilemma: ProBuilder’s Tryst with the Difficult, Dirty, and Dangerous.

At ProBuilder, we thrive on challenges that others might consider daunting. This week, our dedicated team embarked on a highly technical project that allowed us to save an extension that most builders would have demolished. The task at hand was not only difficult but also dirty and dangerous, but with our expertise and determination, we managed to turn a potential disaster into a success story. In this blog, we’ll take you through the journey of rescuing a property plagued by rusty steel posts, water ingress issues, and soil-related complications.

The Rusty Predicament

One of the most common issues we encounter in our industry is the improper installation of structural elements, particularly when it comes to steel posts. In this project, the existing steel posts supporting an extension were in such a dire state of disrepair that they collapsed when unbolted. This is a problem we see all too often, and it can largely be attributed to builders not concreting up to and above ground level. When soil accumulates around the base of these posts, moisture slowly rusts them, compromising their structural integrity.

Our Approach

To address this precarious situation, we adopted a careful and methodical approach. The first step was to excavate the area beneath the deck, all while ensuring the safety of our team. Our experienced excavator drivers played a pivotal role in this process. In an industry where the term ”cowboy” is frequently used, we take immense pride in having a skilled and responsible team that prioritizes safety above all.

As we slowly excavated, we propped and braced the structure to maintain stability while we removed the defective posts. It was a slow and painstaking process, but safety was our top priority.

Waterproofing and Restoration

The next crucial step was waterproofing. We implemented a robust waterproofing solution to ensure that no water could penetrate the building via the newly reconstructed extension. This waterproofing membrane was meticulously applied to guarantee complete protection.

With the moisture issues addressed and the structure secured, we then put everything back together. The cleaned brickwork and the waterproofing membrane ensured that water was carried away from our drainage system, preventing any further damage to the property.

The Result

While the process was arduous, the results were more than worth it. The transformation of this courtyard was nothing short of remarkable. The property was now free from water ingress, and the extension was structurally sound and safe.


At ProBuilder, we relish the opportunity to tackle the difficult, the dirty, and the dangerous. This project exemplifies our commitment to saving properties and turning them into safe and functional spaces. The challenges we face only serve as opportunities to showcase our expertise and dedication. Stand by for completed photos of this remarkable courtyard transformation, and remember that with the right team and a commitment to excellence, no construction challenge is insurmountable.




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