Rescuing Ascot’s Historic Home

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Our most recent project had us taking on the restoration of one of Ascot’s oldest houses, facing a unique challenge; a leaking chimney. But it wasn’t just any chimney; it was perched atop a near 40-degree roof, making it virtually impossible to access. The story of how we tackled this challenge and restored the historic home is a testament to our creativity, resourcefulness, and the power of modern technology.

A Leaky Chimney in Ascot’s Historic Home

The problem was as old as the house itself, and it had persisted for years. The top of the chimney on this century-old property was leaking so severely that buckets had become an essential part of the living room decor. To enjoy a cozy evening by the fireplace, the homeowners had to contend with an unexpected water feature.

The challenge was evident, but the solution was not so straightforward. The steep roof, with its near-40-degree angle, presented an insurmountable obstacle for traditional access. How could our team at ProBuilder get to the top to assess the problem and, more importantly, how could they fix it?

ProBuilder’s Aerial Solution: The ProBuilder Drone

Our answer to this conundrum was innovative and high-tech. We had our drone, a versatile piece of equipment which provided us with the eyes in the sky, we needed to assess the issue. Equipped with advanced technology, this drone could hover, zoom in, capture video, and still photographs. This aerial perspective allowed our team to gain valuable insights into the extent of the damage and consult with the necessary experts on the best course of action.

The drone’s visual data revealed a deteriorated chimney top, but the solution would require more than just data; it demanded skill, experience, and the right professionals.

The Scaffold Challenge

With the extent of the problem now clear, at ProBuilder, we had to find a way to access and repair the chimney. Ascot’s historic home featured terracotta tiles close to a century old, which were brittle and challenging to walk on. Safety was a top concern.

Our solution was to bring in our talented scaffold team. Scaffoldinig this delicate and aging structure was no small feat. The load had to be carefully distributed as they built their way up from the ground. To ensure stability, a powerful tower was required to brace all of this work back to the ground level, supporting the cantilevered effect of resting on the roof.

The Master Craftman

With the scaffold in place, we needed the right person to rebuild the chimney. And who better than an Englishman who had honed his craft in his homeland? After all, a chimney’s primary function is to draw smoke correctly; otherwise, the house fills with smoke. At ProBuilder, we recognise the importance of finding a master craftsman, and our choice proved to be spot on.

End of the day, the chimney top was rebuilt with meticulous care and precision. As the scaffold was dismantled, the property stood proud and leak-free. The historic house in Ascot had been given a new lease on life.


At ProBuilder, our innovative approach to solving the leaky chimney challenge in Ascot’s historic home is a testament to our commitment to tackling ”everything and anything”. Our use of modern technology, including drones, and our expert team of professionals combined to rescue a cherished piece of Ascot’s architectural heritage. As a result, the homeowners can now enjoy their fireplace without any unexpected water features, and the house is safe and sound for years to come. To see if we can help you visit us here. 


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