Our Approach to Construction Site Works.

Building site works can be disruptive and sometimes there is no way around undertaking a project and not destroying a yard or a garden through our access requirements. Most builders will simply have a clause that states “landscaping by owner” and this is an easy out and at the time of contract signing the full impact isn’t really appreciated by the owners.

At ProBuilder we do things differently.

We know that at the end of the project the owner is more than likely going to struggle to find the trades required to reinstate the gardens and at the correct price and time frame. So we allow to do this ourselves and return the project to its former glory. These photos show the during construction state of the yard where we had concrete pumps including their washouts all located on the beautiful lawn – it was our only option. You will then see our preparation in returning this area to its former glory. We removed all of our building related concrete and sand, we scraped back and removed the turf which is damaged and full of rubble, and then we reshaped the area with our talented machine operators. We then put a nutrient rich undersoil in place along with a special fertiliser to help the new ‘Sir Walter’ turf take up and grow.

We teach our apprentices this skill and while not carpentry related, they learn another skill along with how to do things right as a builder – striving to do the right thing translates to a commitment to delivering quality workmanship. In a few weeks we will have this lawn looking exactly as it used to.

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