Roof leaks & poor workmanship

Roof leaks

Roof leaks & poor workmanship. This year we experienced a period of wetter than normal weather and a La Niña pattern developing. As a result, at ProBuilder Repairs we have been called on to look at more and more roofs that are leaking.

Some leaks are due to the roof requiring some age related maintenance. Most leaks that we see are however due to repairs that have been carried out by unqualified workers who are not trained to perform these types of repairs. On top of this during the severe storms we saw earlier in the year there was a lot of added pressure on our builders & their roofers. This coupled with a post covid mini building boom has created the perfect storm in poor workmanship happening on roofs and other areas throughout our region.

This photo shows a recent inspection I performed and it didn’t take long to find out why the roof was leaking. An older roof needs to be professionally maintained.

If you’re experiencing a leak in these busy times the ProBuilder Repairs team will always help you out. If we are under pressure with time and sub-trade availability we can still help you out with some temporary repairs to see you through until time permits.

It is worth the wait as chances are, with all of the poor workmanship occurring, that we will one day be attending your leak.

ProBuilder Repairs – fixing one poorly built house at a time! Jim McIntyre

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