Scaffolding, Safety & Money

One of the big problems in the building industry is compliance with safety and builders taking shortcuts to save money and trying to win that job on price. This is happening more than ever now as the building industry descends into unprecedented levels of hardship. Scaffolding can be one of those areas where it can be expensive and after it’s gone there’s not a lot to show for the outlay which can be considerable.

In the realm of construction, few tools are as critical to ensuring safety and success as scaffolding. Although the costs associated with scaffolding can be significant, its indispensable role in preventing accidents, injuries, and even fatalities makes it an irreplaceable component of any construction project.

When it comes to scaffolding; it is not an option to not have it.

In fact it is illegal and if a site is found to not comply there are serious consequences by way of fine and closure of the site which can result in extensive delays and financial issues for the homeowner, let alone the builder. Not to mention that falls from heights are one of the biggest safety issues in the industry and we are now witnessing a major inner Brisbane construction site closed down after a worker was seriously injured falling from a scaffold.

At ProBuilder, we always have the correct scaffolding in place but no more than we need, and for as quick a time as possible to avoid expensive weekly hire fees. It all comes down to proper consultation with our talented crews and fine tuning our Gantt charts so that the schedule reflects when we need it and when it can come off hire. We have our own in house scaffolding where we can build it to a certain height and very economically. This investment in our plant & equipment allow us to be as economical as possible while being compliant.

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