Setting out a job at ProBuilder

Setting out a job~ At ProBuilder we go above and beyond when we set out our jobs. It is crucial to get everything in the right place particularly with bathrooms and kitchens. So many times we find clients supplied plans with no where near the detail required for us to use accurately. So the way around this is I simply draw it all by hand and add as much detail as I can. It takes a considerable amount of time but the payoff is big. To begin with, I meet with the client and have all of the fixtures and fittings at hand so that I can hold them in place and work out the heights. Very important with showers and tap ware. I then record all of this and have a copy on site so that my carpenters can set out with the plumbers, cabinetmakers and electricians. Here you will see my sketch of a very busy bathroom and how crucial it is to know where everything is going. So often I walk into a property and see tap ware off centre etc. We also have little room to play with with kitchen set out. Here you will see Steffen setting out the island bench with Phil my cabinetmaker. The result is, when we cut through the concrete slab to run all of the new water, drainage and power, is that everything is exactly where it is supposed to be. I don’t charge for all of this time and effort – it’s just doing things properly as they are meant to be. View more of our beautiful bathrooms and kitchens in our Gallery. 

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