The importance of home maintenance

No matter how well built or finished your house may be, it’s imperative in keeping it in top condition, as nothing is achieved by letting it go. With Queensland’s harsh sun, along with a solid 7 plus years of wet weather take their toll on our properties, ”weather damage” is one that you should stay on top of.

It does cost money, but it’s the price we pay and it’s much easier in small doses with limited damage rather than extreme, where rot has set in and often unknown to the owner. Another benefit is a well-maintained home is more attractive to potential buyers, which can increase it’s value.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, there simply is no one else when it comes to rectifying damage from natural disasters or the wear and tear of older buildings. We are the experts in repairs related to water ingress. Our team of experienced builders will comprehensively restore your home.

Here is an example of our recent rejuvenating work. In this photo you can see our ProBuilder team upgrading a fascia board with a fibre cement cover plate which will allow this popular Colorbond colour Monument fare much better in the constant exposure. The western red cedar lasts only a few years when this natural timber look is in place, but the good thing, is if you get to it before it breaks down it is a relatively simple process to bring it back to life. Along with our paint suppliers and timber merchants we have developed a system that brings out the beauty of the cedar while allowing it to breathe. Too many times you will see new timber work simply coated with a clear varnish and then blister & peel inside 12 months. The timber cannot breathe and the moisture soon forces its way out

If your property is in need of some maintenance or if you would like to know more about our services please click here to complete our questionnaire.

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