Timber finishes

Timber finishes are very popular in the residential side of the industry of late.  The natural product adds warmth and texture and can successfully compliment other finishes.

However, being an external product, timber finishes do require care and upkeep.  At most you may get up to 24months until a coated timber product requires treatment. If this treatment is done before any breakdown of the protective oil then it can be relatively straight forward process to wash down, lightly sand and re-coat. If the product’s timber finish has been allowed to break down it can then turn into a very big job to sand back entirely and begin the oiling process from scratch to the whole area.

Depending on access, scaffolding can be a big factor cost wise in just accessing the area so careful consideration as to your ongoing upkeep budget is required.  One other option is to use a durable species and not do anything.  This photo shows Pacific Jarrah that has been left to weather.  It turns from its rich mahogany like colour to a grey over the course of 12 months.

Not all timbers can be used in this way as some like Kwila will leach tannins and that can stain anything underneath after water run off.

ProBuilder has a a very successful timber oiling combination that we use and have developed over many years of trial and error.  Examples of these timber finishes can be seen in the gallery photos on this website.

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