Tree causing rot inside the property

ProBuilder Repairs ~

This innocent looking tree was actually the cause of a large amount of rot inside this property.

The problem was that the brick wall under the soil was letting water slowly seep via capillary action into the sub-slab area and rising up causing rot to the timber frame and trim to the plaster and doorway.

Not only does this cause substantial damage that can be occurring by stealth but also makes it a prime area for termite activity with the access to moisture and a food source.

The first photo shows a quick mark up I prepared for the ProBuilder Repairs team of what was required to rectify the problem.  The second photo shows the completed repair where the tree, concrete and root system were removed and a new slab poured in place which has plenty of fall on it to shed away water from the area of previous water ingress.

A very neat job from the ProBuilder Repairs team!

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