UPDATE: Regarding the Impending Ban on Engineered Stone

In light of our recent blog post regarding the upcoming ban on engineered stone, we’re back with an update to provide additional clarity and guidance. As the ban, scheduled to begin on July 1st, 2024, approaches, we aim to offer straightforward information to our clients.

Uncertainty Looms Over New Alternatives

The transition to alternative materials free of silica content presents its own set of hurdles. While the industry anticipates the arrival of new 0% silica stone, the timeline remains uncertain. Delays attributed to shipping security issues, particularly through the traditional Suez Canal route, add complexity to the situation. Speculations suggest potential shipments arriving as early as May, but certainty eludes stakeholders.

Adapting Supply Chain Dynamics

ProBuilder has established partnerships with key suppliers like YDL Stone and Stone Ambassador, both of whom maintain substantial inventories. However, the traditional practice of pre-purchasing and holding stone, common with granite, is no longer feasible. Instead, clients receive quotes based on selected stone options, with availability confirmed at the time of templating.

Navigating Availability Challenges

Upon templating, typically within 48 hours of cabinetry installation, clients can secure their chosen stone through ProBuilder’s suppliers. However, the availability of specific stones remains subject to change. Should the selected stone become unavailable, ProBuilder ensures transparent communication and explores alternative options with clients.

Financial Implications and Price Guide

As the ban on engineered stone prompts a shift towards natural alternatives, consumers face adjustments in project costs. While engineered stone currently costs around $5,500 for a typical project home, the price significantly escalates with natural stone like granite, reaching $12,500. The introduction of new porcelain 0% silica stone is anticipated to further raise costs, with estimates around $15,500.

Future Outlook and Considerations

As suppliers deplete their stocks of engineered stone, the market will experience increased pressure on availability and choice. ProBuilder remains committed to assisting clients in navigating these changes, ensuring transparency, and offering viable alternatives to meet their needs.


The impending ban on engineered stone represents a pivotal moment for the construction industry, requiring adaptation and resilience from all stakeholders. ProBuilder stands ready to guide clients through this transition, leveraging partnerships, expertise, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. While challenges lie ahead, proactive measures and clear communication will pave the way for a seamless transition to alternative materials in the evolving landscape of stone supply and installation. If you have any questions or would like to discuss further please contact our ProBuilder team.


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