The role of site support managers on building sites

Building sites are complex environments that require careful coordination and management to ensure smooth operations and successful project completion. Among the crucial roles in this ecosystem, Site Support Managers stand out as indispensable professionals. They possess specialized knowledge and expertise in construction, maintenance, and facility management. They have a deep understanding of building systems, codes, regulations, and best practices. Their technical expertise allows them to effectively oversee and manage construction projects, maintenance activities, and facility operations.

At ProBuilder, we’ve created a part time role to support our site teams with the aim of maximising efficiencies and supporting our carpenters and creating safe sites, We’ve called this role our Site Support Manager. It only takes an hour or two a day to perform, and this small cost results in amazing efficiencies on our sites, in term of quicker turnaround times, safer sites and happy clients. The below photos show some examples of this.

Upon completion of our works, any left over materials are stored for pick up and returned to our timber racks. Equipment is stored ready for pick up or if still in progress, is safely out of the way and ready for when next required on site. When we know what material we need for our sites our Site Support Manager will have everything ready for the team when they arrive. The inefficiences of a qualified carpenter roaming the aisles of Bunnings are massive in the industry and cost the builder dearly.

To learn more about our fully systemised business and how that will make your renovation a stress free success, click here.

Here are some examples of what you will NOT see on a ProBuilder site:

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