Water damage behind walls

What’s lurking behind your walls?

From the road this beautiful home looked great. Up close told another story.

This photo shows a section of rotten frame under the cladding from a hairline crack. During wet weather, via capillary action, water was constantly drawn in and the frame slowly began to rot.

Typically, water gets soaked into wood, drywall and cracks. It can rarely dry out on it’s own and can pool, or as it evaporates it leads to moisture that lingers.

In this instance, building paper or sarking was in place but not doing its job as it was incorrectly fitted by a previous tradesperson. Eventually a patch of mould appeared on the ceiling alerting the owners to several years of ‘behind the scenes’ damage, and a very expensive rectification.

If you notice any changes in appearance to walls etc at your house, it’s better to act sooner rather than later. You can contact us via the contact page.

Jim McIntyre

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