Water leaks

Water leaks cause major damage to homes

Water leaks cause major damage to homes. Unfortunately water leaks are not always evident and can be trickling away unknown in your home.

Normally a wet spot or mould is noticed by the home owner and we investigate to find hidden damage. This photo shows a major support post. It was getting wet from a roof water leak that was dripping down the cavity and pooling on the base plate. This had been going on for some time. In this case we were lucky that we were able to get to the damage in time.

Firstly we identified what caused the water leak. In this instance poor workmanship in a number of areas was the problem. Faults in window and door installation, external facade detailing and finally a badly laid roof were contributing factors . All of these faults were allowing water ingress through various weather conditions.

Luckily we were able to save the steel structure. This was done via a 3 step process where we neutralise the rust, treat it and then epoxy paint to seal and protect.

The water leak has been repaired and the area, now dry, can perform as designed. In our current la nina weather pattern poorly built homes are being inundated with moisture. This can accelerate previous long term damage.

Water leaks cause major damage to homes. ProBuilder is able to assist you in locating the source of water leaks, and properly rectifying the issues to repair and prevent further damage. To find out more about how the ProBuilder Repairs team can help protect your most valuable asset have a look at the ProBuilder Repairs section on our website.

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