Waterproofing.  Did you know that waterproofing makes up about 1% of the national construction industry but problems resulting from failure to do it properly are responsible for nearly 80% of rectification works?  You get one chance to waterproof properly and if you get it wrong there is usually no easy fix.

Plenty of builders and trades do their own waterproofing when they are not qualified to do so yet these are not the only causes of failure.  Plenty of licensed waterproofers do not have the knowledge on the tricky one-off jobs, or do not put the effort into making sure they do their trade properly.

This photo is of one of my recent bathroom renovations where my waterproofer put great pride into his work.  His waterproofing is something that will be covered and never seen again and yet he still makes it look amazing and does a thorough job.

Over the coming posts I’ll be highlighting a number of waterproofing issues and remedies. Jim McIntyre

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