Empowering Women in Queensland’s Construction Industry with ProBuilder.

Queensland, known for its vibrant economy and booming construction sector, is making strides towards gender equality in the traditionally male-dominated industry. With a construction industry worth a staggering $46 billion, the Queensland Government is committed to increasing the participation of women in this sector. ProBuilder, a leading player in the industry, is proud to be a part of this initiative. 

Currently, the construction industry in Queensland employs approximately 240,00 individuals, yet women constitute a mere 15 percent of the workforce. When it comes to hands-on ‘on the tools’ trade and laboring roles, this number drops even further, to below five percent. These statistics highlight a significant gender gap that needs to be addressed. 

The Queensland Government, recognising the need for change, allocates around $4 billion annually for building construction and maintenance activities. Their aim is to actively encourage females consider careers in various aspects of the building and construction industry, including professional services, trades, administration, and supply chain roles. 

One shining example of this effort is Stella, a student at the Australian Industry Trade College in Brisbane. Stella proudly states, ‘’I am a school-based apprentice with ProBuilder. I work long blocks of time onsite with the ProBuilder staff. The team is great to work with, and I get a lot of hands-on experience. The team is supportive and helpful. There are a lot of very experienced carpenters at ProBuilder who have a lot to offer my apprenticeship.’’ Stella’s journey exemplifies the potential for your women to thrive thanks to initiatives like the one in Queensland. 

Behind the onsite team at ProBuilder, Jim and Rose play a pivotal role. They ensure efficient communication with the team, prioritising safety on the job site, maintaining consistency in work practices, and creating a clean and tidy environment. This commitment not only safeguards the workers but also ensures that ProBuilder delivers a ‘WOW’ factor to their clients every day.

ProBuilder’s active involvement in supporting female apprentices like Stella underscores the importance of industry-wide efforts to bridge the gender gap in construction. By nurturing talent and promoting diversity, ProBuilder contributes to the broader goal of fostering a more inclusive and equitable construction industry in Queensland. 

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